Schedule Changes

Please remember that each year Niwot’s master schedule is created to accommodate students’ course requests made during registration in the spring semester of the previous year. Faculty members are employed, textbooks are purchased, and rooms are assigned on the basis of these requests.

Niwot’s schedule change policy dictates that only changes for compelling academic reasons will be allowed. Examples of academic reasons are listed below. If you do not qualify for a change based on one of the reasons below, your request will not be considered.

  • Gap in schedule (no class listed)
  • Missing course that you are required to take this school year for graduation (note: 10th grade students will have the opportunity to take Personal Finance in years to follow in order to meet graduation requirements)
  • Incorrect level of a class (example: Spanish 3 instead of Spanish 2)
  • Dropping a course for a time release (this does not include switching time release blocks and choosing new courses)
  • Schedule inaccuracy (example: two P.E. classes in one day, haven’t met the prerequisite for a class, same elective on the schedule twice)

Note: Changing a student’s schedule to accommodate a certain teacher is not permitted.

Since class changes will only be made for the reasons listed above, students and parents should assess their abilities and goals and carefully request courses for each school year. Much effort is made by counselors and faculty to register students for requested courses.

Dropping a Course
The deadline for dropping a course is 4 weeks after the start of the semester. If a class is dropped after this deadline, a failing grade of ‘F’ will be reflected on the permanent transcript. Please note that students may not be able to add a new class in its place, even before this deadline. Contact your counselor if you have questions.

Niwot High School