Transcripts and Letters of Recommendation


Students must complete and submit the Niwot High School Transcript form to the Registrar in the NHS Counseling Office.  Deadlines are extremely important.

Mid-Year Transcript Request Form – This form is only used when you have previously applied to college/s and submitted your transcript during Semester 1 of your senior year.  Your Mid-Year Transcript includes grades and credits from your fall semester of senior year.

Transcripts for Alumni
Alumni must complete and bring the Alumni or Former Student Transcript Request form to the Registrar in the NHS Counseling Office. There is a $2 processing fee for every transcript requested.

Letters of Recommendation

Make sure you give your teacher and counselor at least THREE weeks notice when requesting a letter of recommendation.  Make sure to thank your teacher for writing this letter and provide them with an updated resume in advance.  Your teacher will either submit your recommendation online to the colleges requested, or will submit a paper copy to the Counseling Office.

Tips for requesting letters of recommendation:

  • Check to see how many and which type of letters of recommendation are required by your prospective colleges. Only ask for what you need.
  • You will not be able to request 5 teacher letters and pick the 3 that you think are the best. Letters will be sent directly to the colleges.
  • Make sure to give at least two weeks notice when asking for a letter of recommendation. Your counselor or teachers may not be able to write their best recommendation for you with only a few days notice.
  • Waive your right to view recommendation letters on your application forms. Admission officers will trust them more if you haven’t seen them.
  • Make sure your references know the deadlines for each college.
  • Follow up with your recommenders a week or so before your deadlines.
  • Once you’ve decided which college to attend, write thank-you notes. Tell your references where you’re going and let them know how much you appreciate their support.
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