IB Course Selection

IB Course Selection

NHS students can access IB education by either pursuing the IB Diploma or taking individual IB courses. The below posted/linked presentation slides should help students decide whether the IB DP may be the right academic fit for them as opposed to taking any number of individual IB courses. Note that the presentation contains multiple videos and extra resources. To view them simply click on all of the underlined text. 

IB DP @ NHSinformational meeting-11/15/22 (presentation slides)

IB DP Courses @ NSH– informational meeting-1/12/23 (presentation slides)

Below you will find the following items intended to be used as part of the IB Diploma and/or IB Course registration process:

Completed IB course/exam request forms should be emailed to the NHS IB Coordinator ([email protected]) for on-time processing before 2/1/23. Submitted requests for IB courses/exams should match requests entered in IC (Academic Planning).

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