NPIB Enrollment

Current eighth-grade students interested in joining the Niwot Pre-IB (NPIB) for the 2024-2025 academic school year are expected to electronically complete and submit the below PreIB Intent to Enroll Form (Class of 2028) by January 8, 2024, to initiate the NPIB enrollment process. Forms submitted after that date will be considered and processed on a rolling basis. Successfully submitted forms will be acknowledged via email from the NHS IB Coordinator: [email protected]

NPIB informational meeting will be held virtually on 12/04/23 from 6-8 PM and can be accessed via this link: Presentation from this meeting will be available here for review prior to completing the Intent to Enroll in NPIB to ensure that our future families are making a well-informed decision.

Prospective NPIB students currently not attending any of the SVVSD middle schools are required to submit their academic records (including middle school transcript, attendance records, and standardized test scores) to be considered for NPIB Enrollment. This submission should be sent via email to the NHS IB Coordinator: [email protected]

Students residing outside of Niwot High School’s designated attendance area and interested in attending Niwot High School are required to complete an Open Enrollment Application between 12/01/23 and 12/15/23 to be considered for attendance at Niwot High School.

NPIB/Honors courses at Niwot High School are typically undertaken by the 9th and 10th-grade students who plan to engage in the advanced course pathways offered at Niwot High School in grades 11 and 12. These advanced pathways include either the IB Diploma Programme or any combination of AP (Advanced Placement) and/or IB courses. All IB courses include summative (end-of-year exams, which are externally assessed by the IB examiners. The IB exam cost is currently $119 per IB exam. 

Students enrolled in the NPIB course sequence in anticipation of participation in the IB DP in grades 11 and 12 engage in the following NPIB courses and requirements in grades 9 and 10: 

  1. NPIB/Honors English in grades 9th and 10th.
  2. NPIB/Honors World Language (French or Spanish). Since the IB Diploma requires Language Acquisition (Language B), NPIB students who plan to undertake the IB DP and exceed NPIB Level 2 as incoming Freshmen must register for the new World Language.
  3. World Geography/History Honors in 9th grade and NPIB/Honors US History in 10th grade.
  4. NPIB/Honors Biology in 9th grade and NPIB/Honors Chemistry in 10th grade
  5. Math courses as appropriate to students’ readiness (Algebra 2 must be completed prior to the start of 11th grade for enrollment in the IB Diploma Programme).
  6. A total of 50 hours of unpaid community service in grades 9 and 10.

Contact the NHS IB Coordinator via email: [email protected] with questions about NPIB and/or IB programming at Niwot High School. 

Please use the course catalog to read about the classes offered at NHS. Your current teachers are a great resource and they know your ability well, so ask them for their opinions.

Contact your counselor if you have questions about classes and finding the right balance and fit for you.

Niwot High School