End of the Year Information


Niwot High School
End of Year Details & Dates

Dear Niwot High Students and Parents,

I hope that this writing finds you doing well and healthy. It is with mixed emotions that I write to you.  On the one hand, my heart is heavy for those dealing with their own health issues or that of a family member or friend, for the many who have been negatively impacted financially by the shutdown, and for those students (especially seniors) who are missing out on time with friends, performances, concerts, prom, athletic contests, and the normalcy of life for which we all yearn.

However, I am also very hopeful for the future.  Like the flowers that blossom after a long winter, I know that we are going to emerge from this time with a renewed appreciation for many of the things that we previously took for granted.  We are going to emerge with new skills, with a fresh perspective on the blessings in our lives, with a renewed confidence that comes with persevering through difficulty and succeeding, and with a desire to live life to its fullest every day.  My hope is also that we emerge from this time with a renewed sense of unity, as a school, community, state and nation.  In short, I am finding many reasons to be hopeful during this challenging time.

Students, thank you for doing your best to stay positive and to engage with your teachers and schoolwork during this time of online learning.  Parents, thank you for helping your student to stay positive, for encouraging them, and for tending to their physical and emotional needs.

For additional information, please reference the email sent out by Dr. Haddad on April 20th. A copy of the email can be found at http://svvsd.org/coronavirus.


Eric Rauschkolb
Niwot High School Principal


Important Academic End of Year Dates

May 13: Last Day for Seniors

May 20: Last Day for 9-11 graders

July 25th at 9:00 a.m: Graduation


Virtual Celebration Photo/Video Permissions

We plan to recognize our students in a variety of ways, including photographs, recorded videos, or other forms of visual and/or written presentations or performances. These recordings may be posted to our school website and shared through our district-approved Twitter account. We need additional parent permission for students to be included in an organized online recognition presentation. To provide this permission and allow your student to be included, please log into your Parent Infinite Campus portal account and follow these instructions.



Cancellation Details
Our athletics and activities have been canceled until June 1st following our district and state athletics association guidelines. Our central leadership team is working on a plan for a system-wide approach to athletics after June 1st. We will communicate that plan when it becomes available.

Uniform & Equipment Collection
All uniforms and equipment will be collected in June during our Give and Take days. In addition, spring athletic awards will be given out during our Give and Take Days. Please see below for details.



We are honoring all high school students receiving end of year awards (scholarships, department awards, academic letters, etc.) by creating a slideshow recognition that will be emailed in May.


Refunds & Fee Information

Our district sent an email on Thursday, April 23rd detailing the distribution of refunds. Click here for the district email communication.

Outstanding Fees
In order to pay your outstanding fees, especially Seniors, please visit Infinite Campus to pay your fees through Revtrak. You can also send a check to the school, Attn: Michelle Baker, or pay fees during the June Give and Take Days.


June “Give and Take”

A process for Collecting and Dropping Off ItemsIn order to follow the recommended social distancing guidelines, we will allow a limited number of students in the building at a time, and we are requiring everyone to wear masks.  This will take place from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please consider coming through out the day. Student Last Names

A-C: June 8th
D-H: June 9th

I-Mi: June 10th

Mo-Sa: June 11th

Sc-Z: June 12th


“Give” Items

“Take” Items


Library and classroom books

Athletic Uniforms

Athletic Equipment

AP Testing Keyboards

Paying fees

iPad & Charging Cube


Locker Contents:
Academic, Athletic, PE, Band, Art

Academic Awards

Athletic Awards





Class of 2020 Information

Class of 2020 Yard Signs

Yard signs are on their way! We will be distributing Senior Yard Signs in the Niwot HS bus lane on Friday, May 8th from 9 AM – 3 PM.


Senior Slide Show

Student Council is actively working on the Senior Slide Show. But we need a baby/toddler photo of your student! Please submit to studentcouncil.niwot@gmail.com. Make sure you include the student’s first and last name.


Graduation Rehearsal

July 23rd @ 10:00 AMCaps and Gowns will be distributed at graduation rehearsal. Please note that rehearsal is mandatory in order to attend graduation.



July 25th @ 9:00 AM

More details regarding this event will be emailed as the date approaches. Please remember that this is an evolving situation and plans may change as health guidelines change.