We're hosting a penny war to raise money to empower women across Asia!

This is a great opportunity to get rid of any spare change you may be holding on to, and also to donate to a great cause. 

Niwot High School's Asian Culture Club and Women's Empowerment Club are starting a Penny War!  All proceeds will be donated to the Asia Foundation’s Women’s Empowerment Cause. 

This will begin on January 25th and end on February 8th, and will take place during 6th block classes. 

The rules are pretty simple. 
  1. Classes will start with a balance of $0.00
  2. Any coins (including dollar coins) will add to the balance 
  3. Any paper bills will deduct from the class balance 
  4. Sabotage is allowed, just go to another class (preferably during passing period to keep disruption of classes at a minimum) and place paper bills in their jar
  5. It is possible to receive a negative balance
  6. Keep competition friendly!
  7. The winning class with the highest balance will receive a donut party!
We are also offering NHS credit or CAS experiences for anyone who wants to volunteer!

Please feel free to contact the Asian Culture Club email (nhsasiancultureclub@gmail.com), Casey Chen (chen.casey08@svvsd.org) or Yingying Chen (chen.yingyi02@svvsd.org) with any questions. Let's raise some money for a great cause!