Terry Kroenung

  • BA, Theatre and MA, Fine Arts, Eastern Illinois University

Mr. Kroenung's current claim to fame is that he has 2 sets of DNA, thanks to his 2019 heart transplant. Apart from that, he is in his 29th year of teaching, his 16th at NHS. He holds a BA in Theatre and an MA in Humanities, has a Gold Star award from the St. Vrain School District, was a Boulder REAL Award finalist, and has been named one of the region's '100 Most Interesting People' by the Times-Call newspaper.   He also earned an Army Airborne Badge, Expert Infantry Badge, is a certified advanced scuba diver, and lived on a wagon train for 4 years (really). Having performed in/directed over 100 plays in the U.S. and in Europe -- including at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, where he portrayed William Shakespeare -- and being an Advanced Actor/Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors, he is the sponsor of the Niwot Swashbucklers stage combat club.   Mr. Kroenung is the author of many books, including the fantasy novels BRIMSTONE AND LILY, JASPER'S FOUL TONGUE, and JASPER'S MAGICK CORSET, amd HEARTSNARK, a funny account of his heart transplant (honestly). His wife, Janet, is a fashion/costume designer. They live in Longmont with their adorable basset hound, Abby.  

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Ext. 46584
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Room 155