Lena Perez

Lena Perez loves teaching students Math at Niwot High School! Go Cougars!
"I believe that every student can learn math and I enjoy making the content relevant and accessible for all students."
She is a lifelong learner and has obtained degrees in Mechanical Engineering (RPI), Curriculum Development (SUNY Albany), and Educational Leadership (UTA) and has worked for IBM, Accenture, NASA-JPL, as well as in all levels of PK-12 education. "My favorite part of teaching is interacting with students and guiding them to make new connections and revelations! My values include Community and Communication, so in my classroom you will find students actively interacting with each other and with content."
In addition to teaching, Lena loves to explore the beautiful world in natural surroundings with her two teenage children and feisty Chihuahua. She is often writing poetry, gathering women for meditation and contemplation, and enjoying the gift of life.
Lena Perez
Contact Information:
Ext. 46554