NPIB/Honors United States History A/B

NPIB/Honors United States History is a survey course that covers post Reconstruction through the twentieth century. Political, social, economic, and intellectual themes are addressed throughout the course. Topics and themes receiving special attention include war, immigration, industrialization, capitalism, labor, race, ethnicity, and gender. Special emphasis is placed on civic and governmental themes in order that students appreciate the history, functions, and responsibilities inherent in our federal system of government. Critical thinking skills are developed through numerous writing assignments. Critical reasoning and historical analysis is further refined through document based question tests (DBQ's). In addition to their textbook, students will practice the craft of history by reading, analyzing, and applying both primary and secondary historical sources. Specifically, students will engage in historical research, thesis development, citation, and the writing of historical essays.

Course Subject
Course Number
SS307 A/B
Grade Level
Grade 10
Course Duration
Full Year, weighted 4.5
Course Credit
Prerequisite: Honors World Geog/Hist (A or B) OR an A in regular World Geog/Hist AND teacher recommendation; OR Admission to NPIB program