NPIB/Honors Biology A/B

This lab-based course is designed for the college-bound student. Students will become familiar with the growing field of biochemistry as they learn about the molecules of life, enzyme activity, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, DNA replication, and protein synthesis. They will explore the relationship between structure and function as they learn parts of plant and animal systems and cells. Students will note the unity of life, and it diversity, as they study mitosis, genetics, evolution, and taxonomy. Other emphases in NPIB/Honors Biology will be planning an investigation, becoming familiar with scientific notation and significant digits, analyzing data, checking validity of conclusions, and writing lab reports.

Course Subject
Course Number
SC302 A/B
Grade Level
Grade 9
Course Duration
Full Year, weighted 4.5
Course Credit
A or B in Science 8, teacher recommendation, AND mid proficient or higher reading and math TCAP; OR Admission to NPIB program
Course Fee