NPIB Spanish 2 A/B

This accelerated Spanish 2 class reinforces basic language skills and further develops the ability to communicate in a different language. Emphasis is placed on grammar, expansion of oral and listening skills, and the development of reading and writing skills. By the end of the year, students should be proficient enough to ask for and give directions, go shopping, and carry on simple conversations about their families, daily routines, leisure activities and childhood. Throughout the year, students are expected to journal, write compositions in Spanish and give presentations and demonstrate speaking skills i.e. interviews in Spanish. All these activities will help students prepare for the assessments of IB Spanish SL.

Course Subject
Course Number
WL325 A/B
Grade Level
Grades 9-10
Course Duration
Full Year
Course Credit
Admission to NPIB, NPIB Spanish 1
Course Fee
Workbook fee TBD