IB Visual Art SL A/B

This class is open to qualified IB students who have taken at least one level 2 art course and then, if space allows, to qualified students from the general student body who have also taken at least one level 2 art course (with teacher permission). In this yearlong course each student prepares for the IB Arts Examination. Taking this exam is required of each student and costs $200+. It consists of an individual art show and the production of an investigation workbook that centers on researching a chosen thesis to support the artwork and producing artwork to support the thesis. Part of the research must include studying the art of classic to contemporary artists and at least two cultures and their art. The art show is the external assessment. It is evaluated by an IB-appointed, visiting art examiner who spends a half hour talking with each student about her/his thesis and artwork. The internal assessment is the investigation workbook (IW) that is due in late March and is assessed by the IB art teacher. By the end of the year, candidates who have completed the IB Visual Arts SL will be expected to demonstrate an inter-relationship between their research and their artistic production. The IW and art projects must show the student’s journey and growth as an artist. The student may choose to study a variety of art media or specialize in one particular medium. The number of pieces in each student’s show will be discussed on an individual basis, but 12+ pieces is the usual recommendation. As this course is yearlong you must sign up for both first and second semester.

Course Subject
Course Number
A300 A/B
Grade Level
Grades 11-12
Course Duration
Full Year
Course Credit
In order to be in this year long class you must meet the following requirements: Junior or Senior; Drawing 1 or Painting 1; At minimum, one level of upper level art class: Advanced Drawing or Advanced Painting is encouraged; Completed application and portfolio review.
Course Fee
$30 art supply fee per semester PLUS $200+ for the required IB Visual Arts Exam.