IB Spanish 3 A/B

This language B program is designed for students who have successfully completed NPIB Spanish 2. IB Spanish 3 reinforces material previously covered and presents further vocabulary acquisition and more complex grammar structures. Throughout the year, students will talk about important ideas that affect them, their society and the world. Some of the themes they will discuss include art, the media, ancient civilizations and their role in the community. To aid in preparing for the IB Spanish SL exam, all students will be expected to give oral presentations, write in-class journals and papers, read short stories, and speak Spanish. This class will be conducted primarily in Spanish.

Course Subject
Course Number
WL330 A/B
Grade Level
Grades 10-11
Course Duration
Full Year
Course Credit
Admission to NPIB, NPIB Spanish 2
Course Fee
Workbook fee TBD