IB Exams Schedules, Registration & Payments

IB Assessments 

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The Diploma Programme goals provide students with:

  • a broad and balanced, yet academically demanding, programme of study
  • the development of critical-thinking and reflective skills
  • the development of research skills
  • the development of independent learning skills
  • the development of intercultural understanding
  • a globally recognized university entrance qualification



May 2019 IB examination schedule.pdf


IB Exams Registrations

IB Exam Registration forms are delivered to the NHS IB DP students in early September and are due back to the IB Office on October 13, 2018.

IB Exams Payments

Grocery card purchases save dollars for IB Exams. NHS IB Office offers reloadable grocery cards for King Soopers of which 5% of the purchase face value amount will be reflected in your child’s IB account. In addition to using these cards for in store purchases, these cards can be used to purchase gasoline. Accumulated savings can be used to cover or off set the cost of the IB Exams. Please see or call the IB Office for additional information.