IB Music SL A/B

IB Music SL is a class in which students will become thoughtful listeners and creators of music. Through exploration of both Western music and music of other cultures and continents, students will learn to recognize both the differences and the links between varieties of music styles. Study of form, musical terminology and devices teach students to think clearly and write intelligently about music. Students will continue developing music theory skills (building on skills developed in IB Music Theory), which will enhance musical understanding, and create opportunities for musical composition and creativity. All of this combined prepares the student for the IB Listening Paper. IB music students are expected to complete the following: musical links investigation, the listen paper exam given in May, and a group or solo performance recording. Membership in Band, Choir, or Orchestra is highly recommended. See instructor for more information about Summer Workshop.

Course Subject
Course Number
MU305 A/B
Grade Level
Grades 11 or 12
Course Duration
Full Year, Weighted
Course Credit
IB Music Theory or Summer Workshop; non-IB students need instructor approval