IB Biology HL A/B

IB Biology 12 is the second year of the two-year Biology HL course. It is equivalent to a 1st year college biology course. This is a lab-based science class that studies life at its varied levels, with an emphasis on written communication. Living systems are explored from the molecular level to the global level. Investigations for this second year of the two-year course cover the biochemical processes for life, homeostasis, plant biology, evolution, taxonomy and comparative anatomy, reproduction and development, and the structure and function of human systems. Labs and dissections are required for this class. The same general topics are covered in SL and HL, but each topic is studied in greater depth and breadth in the HL class.

Course Subject
Course Number
SC315 A/B
Grade Level
Grade 12
Course Duration
Full Year, weighted 5.0
Course Credit
IB Biology 11
Course Fee