Honors Chemistry A/B

This rigorous laboratory science course is designed for students who excel in science and are college-bound. Students study matter, change and energy; scientific measurement; problem solving; atomic structure;chemical names and formulas; chemical quantities; chemical reactions; stoichiometry; states of matter; behavior of gases; electrons in atoms; chemical periodicity; ionic and covalent bonds; water and aqueous systems; properties of solutions; reaction rates and equilibrium; acids and bases and their salts. The use of a scientific calculator is required.

Course Subject
Course Number
SC131 A/B
Grade Level
Grade 10
Course Duration
Full Year, weighted 4.5
Course Credit
Honors Biology and Accel Geometry (A or B grade) OR Biology and Geometry (A grade), AND science teacher recommendation. Students should be co-registered in Algebra 2 or Accel Algebra 2.
Course Fee