Honors Algebra 2 A/B

Honors Algebra 2 is best suited for highly motivated students who desire a challenging and rigorous mathematical experience. The honors course covers all of the same material as regular Algebra 2 and many additional topics focused on Trig and Pre-Calc preparedness. The class moves at a more rigorous and challenging pace in order to prepare students for Honors Pre-Calculus w/Trig. This course does not include remediation in Algebra 1 skills. Topics include linear equations, systems of equations and matrices, quadratics, polynomial and rational functions, data analysis and probability, functions and operations, sequences and series, exponential functions, and logarithmic functions. Students will need a graphing calculator for this course. Consult with your current math teacher before deciding between Algebra 2 and Honors Algebra 2.

Course Subject
Course Number
MA121 A/B
Grade Level
Grades 9-12
Course Duration
Full Year, weighted 4.5
Course Credit
A in Algebra 1 and B+ or higher in Honors Geometry, teacher recommendation and placement test, AND advanced math TCAP scores.