Debate and Forensics A/B

This course is designed to develop a wide repertoire of speaking skills while developing poise and confidence. Its intent is to give students a variety of speech experiences both in the classroom and in competition through engagement in the multiple speech events sanctioned by the Colorado High School Activities Association and the National Forensic League. Essentially an extension of the high school speech curriculum, this course includes performance and debate categories. Preparation for performance in the interpretive categories will include the analysis of literature as a means of achieving mature understanding. Preparation for performance in the non-literary categories will include research and the study of logic and strategies for writing effective persuasive discourse.

Course Subject
Course Number
LA450 A/B
Grade Level
Grade 9-12
Course Duration
Full Year
Course Credit
Students will be expected to schedule extracurricular time as an important adjunct to class time. Competitions on Saturdays and after school practices are a requirement of the course. Students may repeat the course and receive elective credit.
Course Fee