College Prep English 12 A/B

This course is designed for college-bound seniors who desire an intense literature and writing class in preparation for English in college, but who do not feel ready to meet the academic demands of AP English. Its intent is to provide for highly motivated seniors who have achieved above-average proficiency in literary analysis and written composition, a course requiring the blending of these skills. The course includes American, British, and European works. Writing assignments are based on essays, novels, short stories, poetry, and plays from various periods. A research paper based upon an author, a work, or a literary period will be required so that students learn skills necessary to produce a paper observing techniques of documentation. Development of vocabulary and reasoning skills will be emphasized throughout the program. Students will be expected to complete assignments on time so that they can contribute to class discussions and can perform well on writings and tests.

Course Subject
Course Number
LA141 A/B
Grade Level
Grade 12
Course Duration
Full Year
Course Credit
AP Language (A or B) OR CP English (A or B) OR English 11 AND teacher recommendation.