AP Literature and Composition

Get ready for college writing! This AP Lit class follows curricular guidelines established in the College Board AP English Literature and Composition Course Description. AP Literature is a rigorous college-level course which culminates in a late spring term AP assessment. The course objectives include being able to: study representative literary works (e.g. classic short stories, novels, dramatic literature and poetry) by both British and American writers, write interpretively about literature based on close observation of textual details, in consideration of the work’s structure, style, and themes; social and historical values; and use of elements, provide regular opportunities for writing both extended analyses and timed, in-class responses, provide consistent opportunities for instruction and feedback before and after revision of composition.

Course Subject
Course Number
LA510 A/B
Grade Level
Grade 12
Course Duration
Full Year weighted 5.0
Course Credit
AP English Literature is available to all students who are willing to do the intensive literary work required. Students wishing to apply must have a B+ or better in their current English class and complete the process by the official deadline, which will be announced during the registration period. The deadline will be strictly enforced. Any student who misses the deadline will not be enrolled in the class. Any student who has not taken AP Language and Composition will be asked to submit a writing sample. The mandatory summer reading and writing assignments will be given out in May.