AP Language and Composition

AP English Language and Composition is an advanced writing course designed to help students become familiar with the argumentative and technical aspects of literature (specifically non-fiction) and of their own writing. AP Language students ideally should have very good to excellent reading and writing skills. Although it must be emphasized that this is not a remedial writing course, students who value good writing and wish to improve will find that their hard work pays off. In addition, the ability to think abstractly, interpret, and read beyond mere plot summary are keys to success. Rhetoric and logic will also be a part of this course. Learning how to recognize argumentative and rhetorical strategies will help the students become more aware of the world around them. Students need to realize that success in this class is due, in large part, to individual motivation. This course meets the district’s standards for American literature.

Course Subject
Course Number
LA500 A/B
Grade Level
Grade 11
Course Duration
Full Year weighted 5.0
Course Credit
AP English Language is available to all students who are willing to do the intensive literary work required. Students wishing to apply must complete the process by the official deadline, which will be announced during the registration period. The mandatory summer reading and writing assignments will be given out in May.