AP Computer Science A/B

The goals of this course are comparable to a first year college course in computer science. It emphasizes hands-on-programming in Java to teach students rigorous object-oriented programming and program development, and to prepare students to take the College Board AP Computer Science A examination. Systematic analysis of large-scale computer programs, as well as trouble-shooting, problem solving, and algorithm development skills are included in this course to help prepare students for both college/university programming and/or computer–related careers. Students will be evaluated through programs they create, along with regular tests and quizzes.

Course Subject
Course Number
CS500 A/B
Grade Level
Grades 10-12
Course Duration
Full Year, weighted 5.0
Course Credit
Algebra 2 or Accelerated Algebra 2. Permission required if Geometry or Accel Geometry.
Course Fee
Testing fee if student chooses to take the AP Computer Science A exam. See Mrs. Root.