Advanced Placement Physics 1 A/B

AP Physics 1 is the equivalent if a first-semester college course in algebra-based physics and is taught over a full academic year. This course covers Newtonian mechanics (including rotational dynamics and angular momentum), work, energy, power, and mechanical waves and sounds. It also introduces electronic circuits. Students will develop a deep conceptual understanding of the content by focusing on applying their knowledge through inquiry-based labs, in-depth explorations of topics, and through the development and interpretation of conceptual models. Student investigations will foster engagement in the practices of science through experimenting, analyzing, making conjectures and arguments, andsolving problems in a collaborative setting where students direct and monitor their progress. This course prepares student for success in subsequent college-level physics courses. It is expected that all students enrolled in this course will take the AP Physics 1 exam in the spring.

Course Subject
Course Number
SC532 A/B
Grade Level
Grades 11-12
Course Duration
Full Year, weighted 5.0
Course Credit
A full year of Chemistry and Algebra 2. Contact Mr. Coble for more information.
Course Fee