Advanced Placement Calculus BC A/B/C

AP Calculus BC is a rigorous, fast-paced, and highly demanding course. It is designed for high-ability, motivated students willing to work hard to fully grasp all the concepts. Topics include limits, derivatives, integration, applications of derivatives and integration, sequences and series, conics, parametric equations, polar coordinates, and vectors. AP Calculus BC covers material traditionally covered in Calculus I and Calculus II college courses. AP Calculus BC meets every day during the first semester and every other day during the second semester. Note: Scoring high enough on the A.P. exam enables you to obtain credit from many colleges.

Course Subject
Course Number
MA510 A/B/C
Grade Level
Grades 11 or 12
Course Duration
weighted 5.0
Course Credit
Pre-Calculus w/Trig teacher recommendation, completed application, and teacher recommendation