Advanced Drama

This is a play production class; serious drama students who want to explore acting, directing, costuming, props, sets, publicity, and theater history will enjoy this class. Students are required to attend two professional productions outside of school, as well as perform in the semester play production for the school. If time permits, there may be additional performance opportunities at the elementary school, for school assemblies, or at a ―coffee house theatre‖ situation. Students will be expected to attend after-school and evening rehearsals in the month before the play production. Students may repeat the course and receive elective credit. Auditions are held in March for this class.

Course Subject
Course Number
LA402 F/S
Grade Level
Grades 10-12
Course Duration
semester course - enter LA402F for fall and LA402S for spring to enroll all year
Course Credit
Drama 1 and 2 and audition