John Rice

Mr. John Rice 


Subjects Taught: 

NPIB/Honors Chem/Phys, IB Physics SL, IB Physics HL


I started teaching math in 2009 at a small charter middle school while I was trying to figure out where I wanted to teach.   Fortunately for Niwot, I decided that I could make more of an impact at the high school level.  So I moved on to Lyons High School for one year where I taught both math and physics.  I immediately jumped to Niwot as soon as an opening happened in 2011-2012 where I have been very happy teaching ever since.  However, I have been involved at NHS since my oldest daughter began her freshman year in 2003. 


Education: (degree, college, year)

MS in Materials Engineering, MIT  1985

BS in Materials Engineering, MIT  1984


Personal Info:


Prior to teaching I was a Materials Engineer for 24 years.  I started out at a huge company (The Dow Chemical Company) of 50,000+ employees and finished up by founding a very tiny company (MultiPhase Composites, LLC) which at its peak had 3 employees.  Most of my projects involved developing advanced ceramic and composite materials for severe service applications.  For example, one product was an electrical insulation system for superconducting magnets that go into particle accelerators.  Maybe one day some of the insulation will make it into a LHC magnet at CERN.


My wife currently is a CPA specializing in taxes, but prior to us getting married, she was a geophysicist.   I also have 2 daughters.  They each completed the IB program at NHS and went off to become engineers themselves.  I guess they didn’t fall too far from the tree.  However, my youngest gave up her engineering temporarily and is serving in the Peace Corps in the mountains of Peru.

Contact Information:
Ext. 46596