NPIB/IB DP Enrollment

Current eighth grade students interested in advanced academic pathways at Niwot High School including the NPIB/IB DP are expected to complete and submit an elecronic NPIB Enrollment Form-see the link below. We ask to complete this step as soon as possible and before 1.7.19 so that NPIB Enrollment status can be communicated with interested student/families before the end of January 2019. Students who are unable to complete the NPIB Enrollment Form by the communicated due date can review NPIB/IB DP related information posted on this page and seek the NPIB enrollment by contacting the Niwot High School's IB DP Coordinator, Ms. Towlen at: NPIB Enrollment Forms submitted after communicated due date will be considered on a first come first served basis and outside of the regular registration timelines. Prospective NPIB students currently not attending any of the SVVSD middle schools are required to physically submit their academic records (including middle school transcript, attendance records, standardized test scores) to Niwot High School's IB Office to be considered for the NPIB enrollent. Students and families residing outside of the Niwot High School's attendance area, must also complete Open Enrollment Application. More information regarding Open Enrollment can be found on NHS website under the Open Enrollment section of the About page (first tab on the left). We look forward to welcoming the new NPIB cohort and future NHS IB DP Class of 2023 to our Cougar Nation!

Niwot Pre-IB (NPIB) Enrollment Form for Academic Year 2019-2020. NHS Class of 2023

Information from the NPIB/IB DP meeting held on 11.13.18 is posted below:

Additional Resourses/IB Research: 

The IB Diplolma Programme-A guide for universities.pdf