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IB Diploma regulations in effect beginnig with the May 2015 examination session:

IB DP May 2015 

Why to IB?

The new student guides for applying to university abroad will help support your students through the application process, in particular those applying to study in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. Each guide includes information on the types of courses available in that country, the application process, and details of the ten universities that receive the most transcripts from IB students. 

Guide for IB students applying to US institutions.pdf

Guide for IB students applying to UK institutions.pdf

Guide for IB students applying to Canadian institutions.pdf

Guide for IB students applying to Australian institutions.pdf

Internal (IA's) & External Assessments

IB Answers

The IB has a support resource called IB Answers to help with frequently asked questions, including how to request replacement documents and information on sending transcripts.

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Tutoring Services: 

Peak Learning Solutions - Academic Coaching and Tutoring

Study Academy Vienna

Next Step China- Chinese language and cultural immersion programs

Next Step China Teen Immersion Program Outline Beijing 20141107.pdf

Next Step China High School Group IB-IGSCE Program-Beijing-20141108.pdf