IB History of Europe A/B

IB History of Europe prepares students for the Higher Level IB Exam. To qualify to take this HL IB exam, a student will complete IB History of Europe during their junior year and IB 20th Century History during their senior year. This course examines the history of the great powers of Europe during the long 19th century, from the French Revolution to the outbreak of WWI. Major topics include the French Revolution, the Napoleonic eras, the unification movements in Italy and Germany, France during the Belle Epoque, and the end of Tsarist Russia. Students’ critical thinking skills will be refined through challenging readings, analytical writings, and seminar discussions. History of Europe prepares students for paper 3 of the IB History Exam.

Course Subject
Course Number
SS310 A/B
Grade Level
Grades 11-12
Course Duration
Full Year, weighted 5.0
Course Credit
Prerequisite: Acceptance into IB program