Niwot Cougar Trail Club

The Niwot Cougar Hiking Club strives to share with its members the joys of hiking on the trails in Boulder County, Colorado. Our mission is to share with its members how to hike safely in order to enjoy hiking to its fullest potential so that people may develop a life-long enjoyment of the trail and the outdoors.

NCHC Commandments

  1. We stay together as a group and "go" as fast as the slowest person
  2. We each have a pack with neccessary, personal gear
  3. We are not mountain climbers, but we know about scrammbling and three point contact
  4. We know and respect trail etiquette
  5. We respect nature and the trail and every human and animal on the trail
  6. We are prepared for a variety of situations that may occur upon the trail


There are no upcoming events associated with this club.