Comedy Club

A description of what the club does:

Do you hate laughing? Is telling jokes one of your greatest fears? Then you’d better stay far away from Comedy Club! We perform stand-up comedy, tell jokes, and do improv games. You can prepare a routine ahead of time, improvise one when you’re there, or just sit back and watch. 


How much background knowledge the club expects of participants :

None, though for creating routines it might help to watch/listen to comedy to get a feel for it.


How much commitment is expected from someone wanting to join :

It's encouraged, though not necessary, for everyone attending to have a routine in mind. You don't have to come every time, but if you don't you're missing out ;)


Extra information you might like to add:

You could also bring funny videos and other media to the Comedy Club too, as long as they are student-generated. That's the most important thing here.



There are no upcoming events associated with this club.

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