Chamber Music Club

Where and When:

The lab in the orchestra/band room. Every Thursday 2:30-3:30



We work in small ensembles like quartets and quintets. We rehearse once a week and choose music of our liking. We perform at elementary schools, do a short presentation, and answer questions that students and teachers many have.


Background Knowledge:

String instrument based. You should be able to play your instrument fairly well. (Started in middle school or earlier), dedicated to your instrument, fairly serious about performing well and willing to work with other musicians.



This club requires a good amount of commitment. You need to practice your music outside of rehearsals. You may have to miss class to perform. (We usually go during orchestra, Ms. Coniway excuses us). Missing rehearsals is highly discouraged because we only rehearse once a week.


Extra information:

Service Hours can be obtained.



There are no upcoming events associated with this club.

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