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Meets Wednesdays 2:30-4:00 Room 610 (Ms. Ewing's room)
Meets every Wednesday, from 2:40 - 3:40 in the Commons.
Meets in room 140 (Mrs Pomranka's room) at 2:35
Meets on various Wednesdays during both lunches in the Library conference room
The club meets in the lab in the orchestra/band room (room 150). Every Thursday 2:30-3:30
Meets in Mrs. Mudukutore's room (440) Mondays after school until 3:30
Mondays 2:30-4pm Room 580
Meets every Monday after school in the band room (room 150)
In the band room 4pm-6pm during winter season.
Meets in room 450 (Mr. Benson's room) every 2nd and 4th Wednesday 2:30-3:30
Meets in Ms. Parnaby's room (room 125), every Friday until 4
Meets in Mr. Benson's room (450) on Tuesdays after school
Club meets Thursday Mornings at 6:30am in the Large Gym
During fourth block in Mr. Pankonin's room (room 185)
Meets in room 575 every Thursday from 2:40-3:30
Meets Wednesday’s and Friday’s in Mr. Burton’s room (room 465)
Meets Mondays, from 2:40 to 3:15 in Mr. Benson's room (room 450)
Club meets in room 440 from 2:20-3:30 every Friday excluding weeks with late starts
Meets every Thursday from 2:33 - 3:30 in Mr. Pena's room (room 490)
Tuesdays after school in room 125
Meets Thursdays from 2:40-3:30 in Mrs. Pomranka's room (room 140)

Model United Nations is a Niwot club that meets Mondays after school in Ms. Lozen’s room (495).

Meets Wednesdays, from 2:40 to 3:15 in Ms. Lozen's room (room 495)
Meets in Mr. Rice's room(660) Thursdays after school until 4:00

The Niwot Cougar Hiking Club strives to share with its members the joys of hiking on the trails in Boulder County, Colorado.

Meets Mondays 2:30-3:30 in Mr.Fox's room (room 515)
Meets on various Wednesdays during both lunches in the Library conference room
Every Thursday from 2:40 pm to 4:00 pm in room 660
Club meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday in Mrs. Pieterse's room (Room 430)